We work hard so you can keep your wheel turning. Booking freight and dealing with paperwork is very time-consuming in trucking. We lend you a hand with that so you keep moving. Our aim is to get you good loads with the best rates possible and get your paperwork processed for payment in a timely manner.



1.  Search freight and book the best load available for your truck

2. Negotiate the best rates on your behalf
3. Check broker credit with your factoring company
4. Sign and secure rate confirmation
5. Customer service: Load details such as weight, length, pick up & delivery date.
6. Set all appointments if required 
7. Provide check calls as required

8. Submit BOL to your Factoring company
9. Request fuel dvances for each load


1. Set Up, your Carrier Packet
2. Complete the Shipper/Broker agreements on the your/carrier's behalf
3. Check brokers/shippers' credit with your Factoring company.
4. Submit BOL to your Factoring company or create Invoice for each shipment
5. Assist in setting up Factoring company if one is required.

6. Manage your paperwork

7. Assist with customer and factoring company issues on your behalf. 


1. Copy of the Truck/Carrier Authority
2. Copy of the Truck/Carrier DOT Number
3. Copy of the Insurance Certificate (COI)
4. Copy of the driver's license
5. Driver's cell phone number
6. Driver's e-mail address
7. Factoring company's contact
8. Insurance Agent contact info                9. General liability minimum:  $1,000,000
10. Cargo insurance minimum: $100,000


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